Keeping it classy for prom

Short, purple dress isn't right for prom.
One word: No. The dress looks like something you would find in the back of your parents’ closet from their hippie days. The overall shape isn’t bad but it's too short for prom. A dress is long enough if your fingertips touch the hem.
Photo By: Victoria Turcios
Black dress gives a glimpse of back without overdoing it.
The exposed back allows a glimpse of back while leaving intrigue. But the shiny black material is not suitable for prom. And just because an outfit is skin-tight does not mean that it will flatter your body.
By showing off too much skin, the Cinderella moment turns into more of an Ugly Stepsister moment.

Having gone to the majority of dances at St. Paul Central High School for the past four years, I have seen my fair share of clothes on girls. From long maroon silk dresses to tight bandage dresses with short cutoffs, I believed that I had seen every kind of dress imaginable (in my opinion, some should be considered shirts).

For prom though, I imagined that both girls and guys would keep it classy.

To ensure that the prom night went smoothly and that no fashion disasters would occur, Central students were given a list of do’s and don’ts. Two rules were:

• Tuxedos and formal dresses are nice but not required. Just be dressed up! No shorts, jeans, T-shirts or clothes that mock the occasion.
• Central students have always shown themselves to be ladies and gentlemen we are proud of. … We will do all we can to continue this fine tradition.

Yet some students slipped through the cracks when it came to having their Cinderella moments. Low-cut tops, short dresses, bare backs and slits revealing longer legs than Angelina Jolie’s were strutted about by several students.

As a fashionista who is part of Nordstrom BP Fashion Board, it saddens me to see girls wearing clubbing clothes to prom and other formal events. Even though most girls hate to admit this, prom is where we can have our Cinderella moment. This is the day where we can pamper ourselves for all the hard work we accomplished during high school. Getting our nails done and hair styled, even choosing sparkly shoes and accessories help us have that perfect moment with our friends.

By showing off too much skin, the Cinderella moment turns into more of an Ugly Stepsister moment. I make a rule when it comes to baring skin: Only reveal one area of your body and focus on that.

For example, you decide to wear a low-cut shirt. Instead of wearing short shorts with the outfit, pair it with a cute maxi skirt or a pair of jeans. By focusing on one area of your body, you can show it off in a tasteful manner.

The act of revealing skin isn’t bad. Rather, it is where you are going with the outfit that matters. For example you wouldn’t wear a black mini dress to your grandmother’s funeral. Instead, ask yourself: Who will be there? What activities will I be doing there? Do I feel comfortable in this? Think about what prom means. It is supposed to be the night that everyone remembers from high school. It’s the night when girls and boys put away their street clothes and dress up to hang out with friends one last time, when teary-eyed parents take as many pictures as possible. So ladies, dress appropriately so that you don’t look back at these photos one day and cringe in disgust from the over-exposed skin.