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The mental health stigma: In Somali community, culture can be a barrier to treatment


These three words may look different, but they are commonly used in the Somali community to describe one thing: crazy.


The problem with skin bleaching

“If only you were a few shades lighter, you would have been so beautiful, honey.”

AMIRA ADAWE GREW UP in a comfortable home surrounded by people who appreciated her skin.


Sharing your leftovers: Special tables in school cafeterias help reduce waste, feed students and promote sharing

A FEW MINUTES BEFORE the 11:44 a.m. bell rings to end lunch, students at St. Paul Johnson Senior High School walk toward the garbage bins with their lunch trays.


ThreeSixty Focus on… Nekima Levy-Pounds

The Minneapolis NAACP president, civil rights attorney, activist and law professor talks Jamar Clark, racial tension and how youth can create change 



Making their mark on the business world: Young Minnesota entrepreneurs turn visions into reality

BHARAT PULGAM, at the age of 16, is already the chief executive officer of mXers Audio, a company developing a new type of earbuds.