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‘The Target Field Game’: One of Division III’s biggest football rivalries showcased at Minnesota Twins ballpark

Football fans, clad in either red or purple, crowded into restaurants around Target Field hours before the big game.

ThreeSixty Focus on… Medaria Arradondo: Minneapolis’ first black police chief talks about his vision for the police department and his Minneapolis hometown pride.

Medaria Arradondo’s vision for the Minneapolis Police Department starts with rebuilding trust in the community.

He also knows that will be a challenge.

Diversifying the state workforce: State’s chief inclusion officer works to create access, opportunity for all

Gov. Mark Dayton is aiming to diversify the state workforce during his final years in office.

‘Together we rise’: After fatal school explosion, Minnehaha Academy rallies together

Emma Melling lost her “home” on Aug. 2.

Once expelled for fighting, Dymanh Chhoun turned his life around and found a passion for storytelling. Now, the ThreeSixty Journalism alum has advice for other students.

The big, muscular boy had been making fun of “how I talked,” said Dymanh Chhoun, a Cambodian refugee.

Chhoun wouldn’t let it go.