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ThreeSixty Focus on… Gov. Mark Dayton

The Minnesota governor talks about his high school life, his political career and the state’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

Brightening food deserts: BrightSide Produce’s young people bring affordable fruits and veggies to Minneapolis’ low-income neighborhoods

Adam Kay wanders through a University of St. Thomas garden on a bright summer day, occasionally pulling dead leaves from plants.

ThreeSixty Alumni Spotlight: Look, Ma. I’m on TV: Hard work brings journalist Levi Ismail from the Midwest to Florida

Levi Ismail’s mother always taught him and his siblings the importance of hard work and wanting to succeed.

Young journalists take the next step: ThreeSixty Journalism’s new TV and radio summer camps give budding storytellers new skills

This summer, ThreeSixty Journalism debuted two brand new camps—a TV broadcast camp and a radio broadcast camp—for advanced ThreeSixty students and young alums.