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College Essay: Rewriting the single story about refugees

I look around, seeing two naked Turkana women carrying a pile of wood above their heads. Sacred red paint covers their bodies. Heavy and large beads adorn their elongated necks.

College Essay: 'I am full of hope'

In the summer of 2012, my childhood friend Ayaanle and I were exploring our dusty and blazing hot Ethiopian refugee camp when suddenly, we heard gunshots.

Jerrad takes a walk: Burnsville graduate’s documentary highlights student with cerebral palsy

Burnsville High School graduate Scott Tinkham and senior Jerrad Solberg were locker neighbors in junior high, but they didn’t really get to know each other until Tinkham picked up a video cam

Late-start debate: Research prompts some high schools to push back start times

With research suggesting a variety of benefits to later high school start times for students, some Twin Cities area schools have begun to push back start times, while others have decided against th

22 for 22: ThreeSixty Journalism Class of 2016 graduates to attend college

Publishing a moving story. Conducting a powerful interview. Reporting a story that brings change.